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Friday, January 12
Chen Hesheng and Zhang Chuang, BEPS Beijing;
Part 1: Introduction to BEPCII
Part II: The BEPCII Accelerator

Friday, Januray 26 , 4PM Newman 311
Georg Lolos, University of Regina;
The Search for Exotic Hybrid Mesons

Tuesday, February 13 , 4PM Newman 311
Eric Swanson, University of Pittsburgh;
Searching for Exotics at CLEO

Wednesday, February 14 , 1PM. Wilson
Round table discussion with Eric Swanson, University of Pittsburgh;

Thursday, March 1
Jon Urheim, University of Minnesota
Hadronic Corrections to the Muon g-2 Factor -- a CLEO Perspective

Friday, March 9 ,
Yury Blyakhman, New York University
First Results on charged particle multiplicity at RHIC

Friday, March 16 ,
Michael Athanas
Survey of Research Directions in Biotechnology

Friday, March 23,
Michael Hosack, Vanderbilt University
Semileptonic D-Dbar mixing with the FOCUS experiment

Friday, March 30 ,
Chueng Ji, North Carolina State University
B-Physics Overview: Emphasis on the Light-Front

Friday, April 6 ,
4PM Wilson Commons
Jim Smith, University of Colorado
Measurement of sin2beta and recent rare-B decay results from BABAR

Friday, April 13 ,
Paul Debevec, University of Illinois
Measurement of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon to 1.3ppm

Friday, April 20 , Open

Thursday, April 26 ,
Csaba Csaki, Los Alamos
Clark 700 at 4:30 PM

Towards the Physics of the TeV Scales

Friday, May 4 ,
Simon Eidelman, CERN
Low energy e+e- -> hadrons - from VEPP-2M to VEPP-2000 and PEP-N.

Tuesday, May 8 ,
Aida el-Khadra, University of Illinois (UIUC)
Lattice QCD with charm and beauty.

Friday, June 1,
James Crittenden, DESY

Nine Years of Physics at HERA: Assessment and Perspectives

Friday, June 8 ,
Yuri Orlov, Cornell

Friday, July 6 ,
Bruce Behrens, CNA
Navy Operations Research

Friday, August3 ,
Gerry Dugan, Alexander Mikhailichenko, Mark Palmer, Joe Rogers, Dave Rubin, and Maury Tigner
"Snowmass 2001: Accelerator Physics Summary"

Wednesday, October 3. ,
David Asner
Technology and Physics of the Photon Collider

Friday, October 5 ,
Jonathan Rosner
A Tau/Charm/Upsilon Shopping List

Wednesday, October 10 ,
Wei-Shu Hou
Probing for Charm Content of B and Upsilon(nS): B -> J/psi D pi and Upsilon(nS) -> J/psi + X, DD(bar) + X

Friday, October 12 ,
Ben Kilminster
Results from the Survey on the Future of HEP

A survey was conducted on the future of High Energy Physics during the 2001 Snowmass Conference by the Young Physicists Panel. The web-based survey consisted of sections on demographics, balance and focus of the field, impact of globalization, outreach, building the field, future physics, and picking a plan. The survey format was multiple choice so that the results could be tabulated into ntuple format; space for comments for each section was also available. With over 1500 responses, the survey results represent the beliefs of physicists from a diverse range of career stages, backgrounds, and research areas. This talk will highlight the main trends in responses for each section of the survey, as well as revealing some of the more subtle correlations.

Friday, October 19 , Open

A former Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, one Rev. Fisher, made the observation that "Events in the past may be roughly divided into those which probably never happened and those which do not matter." If the Gloomy Dean is correct, what is the historical significance of the 1995 discovery of the top quark? I will discuss what we do and don't know about top-quark physics, and describe what CDF is going to do about it during the Tevatron-collider run that is now underway.

Friday, October 26 ,
Ken Bloom
Truth or Consequences: Getting Ready for a Golden Age of Top-Quark Physics

Friday, November 2 ,
Persis Drell
The Long Range Pannel: The Future of High Energy Physics for the Next 20 Years.

Friday, November 9 , Open

Wednesday, November 21 ,
Alexey Petrov
SU(3) breaking and D-anti-D mixing

Friday, November 30 ,
Kevin McFarland
A Departure from Prediction: Measurement of Electroweak Parameters at NuTeV
The NuTeV collaboration has extracted the electroweak parameter, sin2thw, from the measurement of the ratios of neutral current to charged current neutrino and antineutrino cross sections. We find that our measurement, while in agreement with previous neutrino electroweak measurements, is not consistent with predictions. To facilitate interpretation of this result, model independent analyses are also presented.

Friday, December 14 ,
Jens Erler
Topics in Electroweak Precision Physics

Friday, December 21 , Open