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Friday, January 25 ,
Norbert Holtkamp
Status of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Project.

Friday, February 1 ,
Sven Heinemeyer
How precise are Precision Observables

Friday, February 8 , Open

Friday, February 22 ,
Asish Satpathy
Results from Belle
The Belle experiment, at the KEKB asymmetric energy e+ e- collider aims to test the validity of the CKM mechanism in the Standard Model by measuring several aspects of CP violation in B meson decay. Belle has been running since June 1999 and producing a wide range of interesting physics results. As an introduction, I will briefly discuss on the performances of the detector components. I will summarize results on some selected physics topics with particular attention to the recent discovery of CP violation in the B system. In the end, I will conclude with a brief review on the possibilities for future measurements at Belle.

Friday, March 1 ,
Joined Journal Club / Accelerator Seminar
Hasan Padamsee
RF Breakdown and Gradient Limits in Normal and Superconducting Cavities.

Friday, March 8 ,
Ed Blucher
The KTeV Measurement of eps'/eps

Thursday, March 14 ,
Xinuha Li
Aspects of Charmonium Physics

Friday, March 22 , Open

Friday, March 29 ,
Hai Zheng
Search for Large Extra Dimensions in the Jet + Missing Et Channel

Friday, Apr 5 , Open

Monday, April 22 ,
Boris Shwartz
Study of e+e- --> hadrons below 2 GeV with CMD-2(M) detector

Wednesday, April 24 ,
Vaia Papadimitriou
Recent results and prospects for B-Physics at CDF

Friday, April 26 ,
Soeren Lange
Recent selected results from BELLE
Since 1999, the BELLE detector at the KEK-B asymmetric B factory at KEK, Tsukuba, Japan, has recorded 60 fb^-1 at the Upsilon(4s) (current peak luminosity 6.6 x 10^33). Most recent results from B-Bbar mixing (test of quantum mechanics) and mixing induced CP violation will be presented, with a focus on leptonic channels. Recent QCD studies in BELLE off-resonance data (measurement of azimuthal asymmetries in uds fragmentation) will be briefly explained, too. Finally, the BELLE Upgrade for high luminosity (10^34 and above) will be covered, e.g searching for SUSY in B->K(*) nue nuebar penguin processes.

Tuesday, April 30 ,
Hongquan Niu
Bs mixing limit on nu l Ds X channel

Friday, May 3 ,
Mike Luke
What do we need to know to get Vub

Thursday, May 9 ,
Helmut Koch
Investigation of Glue and Charm with Antiprotons at GSI/Darmstadt

Experiments with antiprotons at LEAR and FermiLab have contributed significantly to hadron spectroscopy.Candidates for bound states with gluonic degrees of freedom(Glueballs,Hybrids)were found and the spectroscopy in the charmonium region has reached a new level of precision.It is planned to extend measurements of this kind at GSI/Darmstadt.Furthermore,the interaction of particles with open and hidden charm with nuclei will be studied.Antiprotons with energies up to 15 GeV will interact with a Hydrogen cluster target or a nuclear target in a storage ring with high luminosity.The physics program,the machine,the detector and the status of the project will be discussed.

Friday, May 17 ,
Naomi Makins
News from HERMES: Spin Effects in Hadron Structure and Formation

Thursday, May 23 ,
Alexander Bondar
Rare Three Body Decays of B mesons - Recent Results from Belle

Friday, May 24 ,
John, Cummings
Partial Wave Analysis (In)formalism