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LEPP Journal Club

Fall 2008

In Fall 2008, Journal Clubs will return to Friday!

Date Speaker Institution Title Hosts
Fri Sept 5th CLEO meeting - No Journal Club  
Fri Nov 28th Thanksgiving break - No Journal Club  
Fri Sept 12th Janet Conrad MIT Terascale Incognita: Neutrinos Explore TeV Mass Scales Ritchie Patterson
Fri Sept 19th Steve Sekula OSU The White Elephant: Upsilon Physics at BaBar David Cassel
Thur Sep 25th note special day Josh Thompson SLAC BaBar results Peter Wittich
Fri Sept 26th Lisa Kaufman U Maryland Searching for Double Beta Decay with the Enriched Xenon Observatory Peter Wittich
Fri Oct 3rd John Jones Princeton The SLHC Tracking Trigger Upgrade Anders Ryd
Fri Oct 10th Fall Break - No Journal Club  
Fri Oct 17th Zhe Wang BNL Measurement of the K+ --> pi+ nu nubar branching fraction Lawrence Gibbons
Fri Oct 24th CLEO meeting - No Journal Club  
Fri Oct 31st Bonnie Fleming Yale LAr detectors for neutrino physics Jim Alexander
Fri Nov 7th Hirotaka Sugawara KEK Photon-photon collider Higgs Factory as a precursor to ILC Maury Tigner
Thurs Nov 13th 1:30 pm note special day and time Homer Wolfe DESY Using W Exchange to Explore the Flavor Content of the Proton with ZEUS Peter Wittich
Fri Nov 14th Jodi Cooley Stanford U. Recoiling Against the Dark Universe: CDMS and the Hunt for Dark Matter Hanna Mahlke
Fri Nov 21st Mirko Boezio INFN Results from PAMELA Julia Thom
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