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Tue Oct 15 Patricia Burchat Stanford University Studying CP Asymmetries at the B Factories: Progress and Prospects&nbsp&nbsp Note Special non-Friday Date

Fri Oct 18 Chang Kee Jung SUNY Stony Brook Recent Results, Current Status and Future Plans of the K2K Experiment

Fri Oct 25 No Journal Club. (Postponed to January)

Fri Nov 01 CLEO Meeting -- No Journal Club

Fri Nov 08 Su Dong SLAC Prospect of R measurement at BaBar with Radiative Return

Fri Nov 22 Yannis Semertzidis Brookhaven National Lab Latest Results from the BNL g-2 Experiment

Fri Nov 29 Thanksgiving -- No Journal Club

Fri Dec 06

Bruce King Northwestern University Energy Recovery at Linear Collider

Fri Dec 13 Ed Berger Argonne National Lab New Physics in Quarkonium Production and Decay

Fri Jan 24 Matthias Neubert Cornell University

Rare B Physics Part I: Two Body Phenomenology and the CP Triangle

Fri Jan 31 Stan Brodsky SLAC The Unexpected Effects of Final-State Interactions in QCD

Fri Feb 7 Jim Smith University of Colorado Rare B Physics Part II: The Experimental Status

Fri Feb 14 -- -- (Cancellation)

Fri Feb 21 Gene Golowich University of Massachusetts Rare Charm Decays, Part I: Phenomenology

Tue Feb 25 Sasha Glazov University of Chicago Epsilon' over Epsilon -- KTeV. NOTE SPECIAL TIME: 3:00PM

Wed Feb 26 Dan Hennessy University of Rochester Spectra, Moments, and CKM Elements

Thu Feb 27

Stathes Paganis DESY Confronting QCD at Hera

Fri Feb 28 Gerry Dugan and Joe Rogers Cornell University The Loew-down on Technology Choice and the Linear Collider

Tue Mar 4 Anders Ryd Caltech Electroweak Penguin Decays at Babar

Wed Mar 5 Gabriella Sciolla MIT CP violation at B Factories

Thu Mar 6 Masahiro Morii

Harvard University CKM measurements: Why Babar needs Billions of B's.

Fri Mar 7 Will Johns Vanderbilt University Rare Charm Decays: Part II: Experimental Status NOTE SPECIAL LOCATION: WILSON COMMONS

Mon Mar 10 Karl Ecklund Cornell University NOTE SPECIAL TIME: 3:00PM CKM Physics at CLEO: |Vcb|, |Vub|, and how b → s γ helps

Tue Mar 11 Bill Ashmanskas University of Chicago CDF's Silicon Vertex Trigger

Fri Mar 14 Owen Long SLAC

sin2β at BABAR

Fri Mar 21 No Journal Club - Cornell Spring Break

Fri Mar 28 No Journal Club - Prospective Grad Visit Day

Fri Apr 4 Clem Pryke University of Chicago

Measuring the Temperature and Polarization of the CMB at the South Pole using DASI

Fri Apr 11 Jungil Lee Argonne National Laboratory Hunting for Gluonia in e+ e- Annihilation NOTE SPECIAL LOCATION: WILSON COMMONS

Fri Apr 18 Beth Ahner Cornell University Heavy Metal Remediation by Plants

Wed Apr 23 4:00PM Newman 311 Bella Lake Oxford University Spin-waves, spinons and dimensional crossover in quantum magnetism SPECIAL JOURNAL CLUB

<font color = "yellow">Thu Apr 24 3:30pm Newman 311 Wim Leemans

LBL Plasma acceleration techniques NOTE NONSTANDARD DAY AND TIME: THURSDAY, 3:30PM

Fri May 2 Pyungwon Ko

Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Techn.


Fri May 9 Jim Russ Carnegie Mellon University Doubly Charmed Baryons NOTE SPECIAL LOCATION: WILSON COMMONS

Fri May 30 Vivek Jain BNL B physics at D0 Special inter-semester Journal Club

Mon June 1 Werner Sun Caltech Rare B physics in CLEO Special inter-semester Journal Club

Fri June 13 Ben Sauer University of Sussex Searching for the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron

Fri June 20

CLEO meeting - No Journal Club

Fri June 27 Giovanni Bonvicini Wayne State University Proposal for a Deep Underground TPC

Summer Program
Fri July 4 Holiday -- No Journal Club

Fri July 11 CLEO Meeting -- No Journal Club

Fri July 18 George Gollin University of Illinois "How to Get a PhD in Ten Days for only $4000!" -- The Inside Story of Diploma Mills Note: CBS News will be taping the seminar. Note also: SPECIAL TIME - seminar starts at 2:00 because of LEPP Picnic.

Fri Aug 8 Veronique Boisvert CERN The ATLAS high-level trigger