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Graduate Education in Accelerator Research

List of GEAR Projects

Heiry_thumb.jpg Cornell University has a new program to increase the number of graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees in accelerator physics. †This program, Graduate Education in Accelerator Research, or GEAR, invites doctoral students from all universities to carry out†thesis research at Cornell. †The student will spend up to two years at Cornell doing research under the†supervision of one of our accelerator faculty members, working on a Cornell research project. The studentís home faculty advisor will also have the opportunity to participate. In advance†of starting research at Cornell, the student is expected to take prerequisite courses at the home†institution and attend the particle accelerator school.

GEAR†provides a special opportunity to do research in accelerator science under the supervision of a faculty member, and†to†interact extensively, and deeply, with the accelerator or device targeted by†their research. Up to two GEAR students will work alongside Cornell's doctoral students in accelerator physics.

Please send letters of interest to†