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LEPP Journal Club

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Institution Title Hosts
Fri Aug 26th -      
Fri Dec 30th Winter Recess      
Fri Sep 2nd -      
Fri Sep 9th Julia Thom Cornell University First two-sided limit of Bs --> μ+ μ- (Inaugural Monthly Joint Experiment-Theory Discussion) (poster)(1.1MB) Y. Grossman
Fri Sep 16th -      
Fri Sep 23rd -      
Fri Sep 30th -      
Fri Oct 7th open      
Fri Oct 14th open      
Fri Oct 21st Dmytro Kovalski UC-Santa Barbara & CERN Search for the Higgs Boson with CMS (poster: pdf (1.7MB), jpg (0.2MB) ) Jim Alexander
Fri Oct 28th Jim Alexander, Yu-Hsin Tsai Cornell University Status of the Higgs at the LHC: Theory-Experiment discussion (poster: pdf (9MB), jpg (0.2MB) ) (Talks: Tsai (1.5MB), Alexander (x.xMB) ) Y. Grossman, J. Thom
Fri Nov 4th open      
Fri Nov 11th Joshua Berger & Josh Thompson Cornell University SUSY searches at the LHC: Theory-Experiment discussion (poster: pdf (15MB), jpg (0.3MB) ) (Talks: Thompson (2.2MB), Berger (1.6MB) ) Y. Grossman, J. Thom
Fri Nov 18th Gregory Pawloski University of Minnesota Neutrino Oscillations with MINOS -- and the Search for New Physics (poster: pdf (0.8MB), jpg (0.2MB) ) (Talk (1.7MB)) Werner Sun
Fri Nov 25th Thanksgiving Recess      
Fri Dec 2nd open      
Fri Dec 9th open      
Fri Dec 16th Last Day of Final Exams      
Fri Dec 23rd Winter Recess