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Fall 2016

Date Speaker Institution Title Hosts
Fri Aug 26th Caterina Vernieri Fermilab The CMS Pixel detector from Physics requirements to Pixel Technology Poster Slides Julia Thom and Yangyang Cheng
Fri Dec 9th 2:30pm 401PSB Mei Bai Jülich Institute for Nuclear Physics From RHIC to COSY, an adventurous Journey Poster Georg Hoffstaetter
Fri Sept 2nd No JC   (starts Labor Day weekend)  
Fri Sept 9th No JC   (Tracklet workshop)  
Fri Sept 16th No JC   (CMS week)  
Fri Sept 23rd open        
Fri Sept 30th Nick Battaglia Princeton University Constraining fundamental physics and halo energetics using Sunyaev-Zel'dovich measurements Poster Francesco De Bernardis, Mike Niemack
Fri Oct 7th No JC   (starts Fall Break weekend)  
Fri Oct 14th open   (Tracker week)  
Fri Oct 21st CANCELED Shunsaku Horiuchi VirginiaTech   Francesco De Bernardis
Fri Oct 28th Kevin Lannon Notre Dame Associated Production of Bosons and Top Quark Pairs as a Window on New Physics Poster Anders Ryd and Yangyang Cheng
Fri Nov 4th 2:30 401PSB Timofey Zolkin FNAL Two Problems of Edwin McMillan Poster David Rubin
Fri Nov 11th 2:30pm 120 PSB Michael Ehrlichman Paul Scherrer Institut A Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing Nonlinearities in Diffraction Limited Storage Rings Poster David Rubin
Fri Nov 11th 4pm Max Swiatlowski UChicago SUSY Hunting: New ATLAS Results from Searches at 13 TeV Poster Yangyang Cheng
Tue Nov 15th 3pm 120 PSB Renkai Li SLAC Pursuit of ultimate electron beams for atomic visualization Poster David Rubin
Fri Nov 18th 2:30pm 401 PSB Jared Maxson UCLA Pushing electron beam brightness to its limits across accelerator length scales Poster David Rubin
Fri Nov 18th 4pm Shirley Ho LBL/UCB Joining Forces Against the Dark Universe: From the Cosmic Microwave Background to the Large Scale Structure Poster Mike Niemack and Francesco De Bernardis
Fri Nov 25th No JC   (Thanksgiving)  
Fri Dec 2nd 1:30pm Brian Shuve SLAC Uncovering Signals of a Low-Mass Hidden Sector Poster Yangyang Cheng