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ERL Publications 2004

G.H. Hoffstaetter, I.V. Bazarov, D. Bilderback, M. Billing, S. Gruner, M. Liepe, D. Sagan, C. Sinclair, K. Smolenski, R. Talman, and M. Tigner; "ERL Upgrade of an Existing X-ray Facility: CHESS at CESR", Report Cornell-ERL-04-5 and Proceeding EPAC04, Lucerne/CH (July 2004) 497-9

I.V. Bazarov, and G.H. Hoffstaetter; "Multi-pass Beam-breakup: Theory and Calculation", Report Cornell-ERL-04-7 and Proceedings EPAC04, Lucerne/CH (July 2004) 2194-6

R.W. Helms, and G.H. Hoffstaetter; "Evaluation of Beam Position Monitors in the Nonlinear Regime", Proceedings EPAC04, Lucerne/CH (July 2004)

R.W. Helms, and G.H. Hoffstaetter; "Results from Orbit and Optics Improvement by Evaluating the Nonlinear Beam Position Monitor Response in CESR", Proceedings EPAC04, Lucerne/CH (July 2004)

G.H. Hoffstaetter, and I. Bazarov; "Beam-Breakup Instability Theory for Energy Recovery Linacs", Physical Review ST-AB, Volume 7, 54401 (May 2004)

I.V. Bazarov; "ERL-based X-ray Source: Promises and Challenges", CASA seminar at TJNAF, February 2004

D.H. Bilderback, and Rong Huang; "Are Atom-sized X-ray Experiments Possible?", CP705, Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation: Eight International Conference, edited by T. Warwick, et al. (2004) American Institute of Physics, pp 1271-1273. Also available from AIP at

G.H. Hoffstaetter, and T. Tanabe; "Reduction of Synchrotron Radiation of RF Cavity Surfaces in the Proposed Cornell Energy-Recovery Linac", Report Cornell-ERL-04-2 (February 2004)

G.H. Hoffstaetter, 2nd EIC workshop, "R&D Accelerator Issues for Linac-Ring Electron Ion Colliders", TJNAF, Newport News (March 2004)

G. Hoffstaetter; "The Cornell ERL Project", for the ERL Endeavor (March 2004)

H. Padamsee, B. Barstow, I. Bazarov, S. Belomestnykh, M. Liepe, V. Medjidzade, R.L. Geng, V. Shemelin, C. Sinclair, K. Smolenski, M. Tigner, and V. Vescherevich; "An Overview of the Cryomodule for the Cornell ERL Injector", proceedings of the 9th European Particle Accelerator Conference, Lucerne, Switzerland, pp. 491-493 (July 2004)

V. Shemelin, M. Liepe, and H. Padamsee; "Measurements of ε and of Lossy Materials for the Cryogenic HOM Load" LEPP Report ERL04-9, Cornell University (2004)

Q. Shen; "Expected Performance of the Proposed Cornell ERL X-ray Source" (April 14, 2004)

Q. Shen, I.V. Bazarov, and P. Thibault, "Diffractive Imaging of Nonperiodic Materials with Future Coherent X-ray Sources", Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, Vol. 11 (2004) 432-438