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ERL Workshops

66th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Energy Recovery Linacs


Cornell University is hosting the 66th Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop from Monday, October 3, to Thursday, October 6, 2022 in Ithaca, NY, USA.

ERL 2022 Workshop

2017 International Workshop on FFAG Accelerators

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Cornell University is hosting an International Workshop on FFAG Accelerators from Wednesday, September 6, to Monday, September 11, 2017 in Ithaca, NY, USA.

FFAG Workshop 2017

The Tesla Technology Collaboration on CW SRF 2013

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Cornell University is hosting a TTC topical meeting on CW SRF from Wednesday, June 12 To Friday June 14, 2013 in Ithaca, NY, USA.

TTC Workshop 2013

Photocathode Physics for Photoinjectors (P3) 2012


Photocathode Physics for Photoinjectors (P3) 2012

XDL 2011


June 6-7, 2011 - Diffraction Microscopy, Holography and Ptychography using Coherent Beams

June 13-14, 2011 - Biomolecular Structure from Nanocrystals and Diffuse Scattering

June 20-21, 2011 - Ultra-fast Science with "Tickle and Probe"

June 23-24, 2011 - High-pressure Science at the Edge of Feasibility

June 27-28, 2011 - Materials Science with Coherent Nanobeams at the Edge of Feasibility

June 29-30, 2011 - Frontier Science with X-ray Correlation Spectroscopies using Continuous Sources

Go here for more information.

Higher-Order-Mode Damping Superconducting RF Cavities 2010

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ERL Workshop 2009


41st Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop on Energy Recovery Linacs, "ERL07"


X-ray Science Workshops for an Energy Recovery Linac

June 2006 - Robert Purcell Conference Center, Cornell University, Ithaca

Prototyping is underway for the Cornell Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) Project as a prelude to a full-scale ERL x-ray source.

A full-scale ERL will be capable of performing essentially all measurements now possible at the most advanced 3rd generation sources. In addition, the unprecedented ultra-high spectral brightness, full coherence at 10 keV, and <100 fs x-ray pulse duration of an ERL enable new experiments that have hitherto not been feasible. The goal of each workshop will be to unleash the imagination of the community to explore novel experiments in each of six specific science areas.

Workshop agendas can be found here.

Superconducting RF Workshop

Continuing the tradition of eleven successful workshops starting in 1980, the 12th International Workshop on RF Superconducvity (SRF) was held on the Cornell Campus on July 10 - 15, 2005. There were 230 registered participants. The workshop covered latest advances in the science, technology, and applications of RF superconductivity to particle accelerators. Steady advances in SRF science and technology are responsible for a spectacular increase in performance level since the large installations of the 1990's, and form the basis for current interest in SRF-based machines, such as free electron lasers, Energy Recovery Linacs, neutron spallation sources, and the International Linear Collider. There were about 50 invited talks and 140 contributed papers presented in two afternoon poster sessions. The invited talks reviewed the status of applications in-stream as well as exciting prospects for the future. There were many review talks on key aspects of SRF technology. On the first day of the meeting, there were heavily attended tutorial sessions for newcomers on various aspects of the field. Guided discussions on hot topics formed a lively session. A special session devoted to doctoral dissertations on RF superconductivity topics was crowded with 12 talks. Another special session covered industrialization issues of SRF technology. Industries from all over the world participated. The workshop culminated in an ILC-fest (International Linear Collider) with talks from the head of the ILC Steering Committee, the director of the Global Design Effort (GDE) and the North American Regional GDE Director. The next workshop will be held in 2007 in Beijing, China. For more details and updates, the workshop website address is

X-ray Science Workshop for an Energy Recovery Linac

2-3 December 2000, Rockefeller Schwartz Auditorium, Cornell University

The purpose of the workshop explored scientific possibilities of an Energy Recovery Linac (ERL), a new kind of synchrotron radiation machine we hope to someday build. The workshop took place at Cornell University on Saturday and Sunday, December 2-3, 2000.

The ERL is based on the concept of energy recovery using a superconducting linac. Many of the properties of a storage ring follow directly from the need to store electrons or positrons for an enormous number of orbits around the ring. By contrast, in an ERL the electrons make a single circuit around the ring, but the electron energy is recycled. There is good reason to believe that an ERL can produce x-ray beams which are in many ways superior to those of 3rd generation storage rings and yet quite different from the beams expected from x-ray free electron lasers. These include ultra-intense beams, very short high-duty cycle x-ray pulses, and fully transverse-coherent beams. A white paper and a summary of a machine physics workshop on the ERL may be downloaded from the CHESS web site for more information: Workshop Whitepaper

The workshop agenda can be found here and a summary of experimental needs that emerged from the workshop can be found here (pdf). Talks at the workshop can be found at workshop talks.