CLASSE: Energy Recovery Linac

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Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) Science Workshop Agenda

The workshop goals were to foster discussion on new science which is enabled by an ERL machine. Towards this end, most of the presentations below were limited to 10 minutes, with 5 minutes of discussion time before the next talk. All talks took place in Schwartz Auditorium in Rockefeller Hall.

ERL Overhead Slide Presentations


Saturday, 2 December, 2000

8:00 Coffee and Donuts

8:30 Welcome and overview, Sol Gruner

ERL Machine Program

8:45 ERL Machine Opportunities. Maury Tigner

9:05 Questions and Answers

9:15 ERL x-ray opportunities, Don Bilderback

9:25 Questions and Answers

9:35 Pascal Elleaume (ESRF): Design considerations for insertion devices on an ERL-based synchrotron source.

9:45 Questions and Answers

ERL Science Program

9:50 Jens Als-Neilson - utilizing vertically polarized undulator radiation.

10:00 Questions and Answers

10:05 Chris Jacobson: Microscopy using coherent illumination.

10:15 Questions and Answers

10:20 Coffee

10:50 Sunil Sinha

11:00 Questions and Answers

11: 05 Al Seivers (CU): Generating intrinsic localized vibrational and spin wave modes in nonlinear periodic lattices.

11:15 Questions and Answers

11:20 Keith Nelson (MIT): Time-resolved coherent x-ray four-wave mixing.

11:30 Questions and Answers

11:35 Steve Dirker (U of Michigan): Opportunities for X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy with an ERL.

11:45 Questions and Answers

11:50 Sow-Hsin Chen (MIT): Collective dynamics in fully hydrated phospholipid bilayers by high resolution inelastic x-ray scattering spectroscopy.

12:00 Questions and Answers

12:05 John Arthur (SSRL): Sources of coherent x-rays: synchrotron vs. ERL vs. XFEL.

12:15 Questions and Answers

12:20 Lunch

1:20 John Parisee (SUNY Stony Brook): Condensed matter research at high pressure: beyond 3rd generation facilities.

1:30 Questions and Answers

1:35 Bob Sutter (CMU): Probing the basic science of polycrystals with microfocused high-energy X-rays.

1:45 Questions and Answers

1:50 Howard Padmore (ALS): Structural and Electronic studies in the time domain using the ERL.

2:05 Ben Larson (ORNL) - Atomic-to-macro structure and evolution with shorter pulses and higher brilliance X-ray beams.

2:15 Questions and Answers

2:20 Gene Ice(ORNL) - Frontiers of X-ray microdiffraction.

2:30 Questions and Answers

2:35 Mark Rivers (U Chicago): Microfluorescence, microspectroscopy and microtomography applications.

2:45 Questions and Answers

2:50 Coffee

3:20 Al Macrander (APS): Opportunities for experiments employing crystal optics suggested by the ERL.

3:30 Questions and Answers

3:35 Mark Sutton & Joel Brock

3:45 Questions and Answers

3:50 Sunil Sinha (APS): How ERL might benefit our understanding of elementary excitations in condensed matter.

4:00 Questions and Answers

6:00 Dinner/after dinner speaker

Sunday, 3 December, 2000

8:00 Coffee & Doughnuts

8:30 Short 5 to 10 min presentations and discussion by additional workshop participants.

10:00 Coffee

10:30 - 12:00 Design machine together (Clearly articulate science that is hard to do elsewhere & major obstacles to achieving this).

Ask for written materials to assemble into proceedings including copy of overheads and any written contributions to go with white paper, parameters lists and prior working group summaries.

12:15 End of official business - Lunch

1:30 - 2:30 Tour of CHESS (sign up during lunch)

2:30 End of workshop