CLASSE: Energy Recovery Linac

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X-ray Science Workshop Proceedings with an Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) from December 2 & 3, 2000 in order of presentation.

  1. ERL Overview: Sol Gruner, Cornell Univ.
  2. ERL Machine Opportunities: Maury Tigner, Cornell U.
  3. ERL X-ray Opportunities: Don Bilderback, Cornell U.
  4. ERL Insertion Device Design Considerations: Pascal Elleaume, ESRF
  5. Coherent X-ray Microscopy: Chris Jacobson & Janos Kirz, SUNY Stony Brook
  6. Sources of Coherent X-rays: synchrotorns, ERLs, EFELs: John Arthur, SSRL
  7. Collective Dynamics in Phospholipid Bilayers by High Resolution Inelastic X-ray Scattering Spectroscopy: Sow-Hsin Chen, MIT
  8. X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy: Steve Dierker, U. Michigan
  9. Localized Vibrational and Spin Wave Modes in Nonlinear Periodic Lattices: Al Sievers, Cornell U.
  10. Condensed Matter Research at high Pressure: Beyond 3rd Generation Facilities: John Parise, SUNY Stony Brook
  11. Probing Polycrystals with Microfocused High-Energy X-rays: Bob Suter, Carnegie Mellon
  12. Structural and Electronic Studies in the Time Domain: Phil Heimann, ALS
  13. Atomic-to-macro Structure and Evolution with Shorter Pulses and Higher Brilliance X-ray Beams: Ben Larson, ORNL
  14. Frontiers of X-ray Microdiffraction: Gene Ice, ORNL
  15. Microfluorescence, Microspectroscopy and Microtomography Application: Mark Rivers, U. Chicago
  16. ERL Opportunities Employing Crystal Optics: Al Macrander, APS
  17. Intensity Fluctuation Spectroscopy using Coherent X-rays: Mark Sutton, McGill, Joel Brock, Cornell U.
  18. How an ERL Might Benefit Our Understanding of Elementary Excitations in Condensed Matter: Ercan Alp, APS
  19. Monitor Ion Beam and Ion-Solid Structure Monitoring: Richard Matyi, NIST
  20. Exploring Some Frontiers of ERL Machine: Ivan Bazarov, Cornell U.
  21. Vertically Polarized Undulators: Jens Als-Nielson, U. Copenhagen
  22. ERL machine for NSLS: Peter Siddons, BNL
  23. Go to Double Undulator for 2X brilliance: John Galayda, ANL
  24. Comparison of Storage Rings, ERL, & XFEL x-ray sources: Gopal Shenoy & John Arthur
  25. 10 nm diameter x-ray beams with glass capillary: Don Bilderback, Cornell U.
  26. ERL Timing & CEBAF Overview: Geoff Kraft, Jefferson National Laboratory
  27. Summary of ERL Beamline Needs