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2017 SUNRiSE Students, Projects and Mentors

Title: Design of a Dual-energy High-energy-resolution Backscattering Monochromator for Ultraprecise Studies of Thermal Expansion
Student: Ellen Leibowitz
Home Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology
Mentor: Stanislav Stoupin
Project Report

Title: Devising new models and methods for stabilizing temperatures of permanent magnets in CBETA
Student: Adam Steinberg
Home Institution: University of Oxford
Mentor: Karl Smolenski and Steve Peggs
Project Report

Title: Electrochemical Studies of Nanostructured Catalyst Materials for Oxygen Reduction Reactions
Student: Daniel Blasini-Pérez
Home Institution: University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
Mentor: Mitk'El Santiago
Project Report

Title: Electrochemical studies for oxygen reduction reaction using Zn1-xCoxO for fuel cell applications
Student: Suheily Alonso-Sevilla
Home Institution: University of Metropolitana
Mentor: Carlos Cabrera
Project Report

Title: Designing a Three and Four-Point Bending Load Frame for X-Ray Diffraction Experiments
Students: James Greene, Rachael Helvoigt, and Elizabeth Endersbe
Home Institution: Fort Lewis College
Mentor: Matthew Miller, Christopher Budrow, and Ryan Bouck
Project Report