Table of Contents

Mon AM Plenary

DAFNE Status Report M. Boscolo
KEKB Accelerator Physics Report Y. Funakoshi
CESR Accelerator Physics Report (viewgraphs) D. Rubin
PEP-II Accelerator Physics Report U. Wienands

Mon PM Plenary

BINP Accelerator Physics Report I. Koop
LEP Accelerator Physics Report (Viewgraphs - presented by R. Talman) M. Lamont
An e+e- Collider in a VLHC Tunnel (viewgraphs) T. Sen
BEPC Accelerator Physics Report C. Zhang

Wed AM Plenary

Accelerator Maintenance for High Reliability (viewgraphs) R. Erickson
Report from the Two-Stream Instabilities Workshop at KEK J. Flanagan
e+e- Physics Overview (viewgraphs) M. Neubert
Perpectives on Higher Luminosity B Factories J. Seeman

Collective Effects (& Beam-Beam)

Simulation of the beam-beam effects in e+e- storage rings with a method of reduced region of mesh (Published in APS/PRSTAB) Y. Cai
Wake Field of the e-Cloud and Effects of the e-Cloud and CSR on the Upgrade of the PEP-II S. Heifets
A Survey of Beam-beam Effects at CESR M. Palmer
Beam-Beam Stability in Electron-Positron Storage Rings B. Schmekel
Recent Measurements of the Beam-Beam Interaction at PEP-II J. Seeman
Beam-Beam Compensation: Status of the Tevatron Studies and Possibilities for e+e- Colliding Rings V. Shiltsev
Specific Luminosity Limit of e+e- Colliding Rings (Cornell note CLNS 01/1764) R. Talman
Coherent Synchro-Betatron Beam-Beam Modes: Experiment & Simulation A. Valishev
Coherent Dipole Synchro-Betatron Beam-Beam Modes in Asymmetric Ring Coll A. Valishev

IR and Optics

Effects of Non Linear Elements on Backgrounds at DAFNE M. Boscolo
Beam-beam effects observed at the KEKB Y. Funakoshi
Linear Optics Verification for PEP-II using Model-Independent Analysis Y. Yan
Linear Lattices: Diagnostics & Correction (viewgraphs) D. Sagan

RF and Feedback

Impedance Measurement at KEKB (viewgraphs) T. Ieiri

Operations, Injection, Instrumentation

Touscheck Beam Lifetime in the PEP-II Low Energy Ring (viewgraphs) U. Wienands
Beta Function Measurement in Lattices with 90-Degree Sections U. Wienands

Working Group Summaries

IR/Optics & Injection/Operations/Reliability working group summary U. Wienands
IR/Optics & Injection/Operations/Reliability working group summary (viewgraphs) Y. Funakoshi
Collective Effects & RF/Feedback Working Group Summary (Viewgraphs) V. Shiltsev

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