Grant Hutchison's Contributions for Celestia

Celestia has undergone some rather extensive and incompatible improvements between versions 1.2.5 and 1.3.0. Many of the corrections needed to improve the accuracy of v1.2.5 are not needed for v1.3.0. A few of the corrections did not get included with v1.3.0, but the form that they have to take is different from the previous version.

Please select the Web pages appropriate for the version of Celestia that you are running.

  1. Contributions for Celestia v1.3.2 or later

  2. Contributions for Celestia v1.3.1 or later

  3. Contributions for v1.3.0 or later

  4. Contributions just for v1.3.0

  5. Contributions just for Celestia v1.2.5

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