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ERL X-ray Science Workshop 1

Future Frontiers in High-Pressure Science with ERL X-Ray Beams

Monday, June 5th - Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

Organizers: Neil Ashcroft (Cornell University), Bill Bassett (Cornell University),
Raymond Jeanloz (University of California at Berkeley), & Rus Hemley (Carnegie Institution)

Name Abstract
Neil Ashcroft
Cornell University
ERL Overview & Charge to Workshop
Sol Gruner
Cornell University
ERL Project Summary and Characteristics
Gwyn Williams
Jefferson Laboratory
Characteristics and Properties of the Jefferson Lab ERL and Applications of this High Brightness 4th Generation Light Source for High Pressure Research
Presentation pdf
Chi-Chang Kao
National Synchrotron Light Source
Time Resolved X-Ray Scattering Study of Materials under High Pressure
Dave Mao
Carnegie Institution of Washington
High-Pressure Synergetic Consortium -- A New Approach to High-Pressure Research at National Facilities
Presentation pdf
Isaac Silvera
Harvard University
High Pressure Structures of Hydrogen: CW and Pulsed Temperatures
Presentation pdf
Paul Loubeyre
Physique des Milieux Condenses
A Short Overview of the Present Success and Limitations of using a 3rd Generation Synchrotron Source to Measure the Phase Diagram of Low-Z Systems at Very High Pressure: Would and ERL X-Ray Source Enable Much Progress and How?
Wendy Mao
Los Alamos National Lab
New Opportunities for High Pressure and Temperature Experiments using an Energy Recovery Linac
Paul McMillan
University College London
Materials Chemistry at High Pressure and High Temperature
Presentation pdf
William Nellis
Harvard University
Structures of Solids, Fluids, and Glasses at High Pressures and Modest Temperatures Produced by Dynamic Compression
Presentation pdf
John Parise
SUNY at Stony Brook
Short Intermediate Range Structure at High Pressure and Temperatures
Presentation pdf
Malcolm McMahon
The University of Edinburgh
High-pressure Diffraction and 4th Generation Sources
Roger Fourme
High Pressure and Conventional Macromolecular Crystallography using Ultra-short Wavelengths. The Case of the Cornell ERL Source
Presentation pdf
David Walker
Columbia University
Imaging Opportunities for High Pressure Research
Presentation pdf
Yogi Gupta
Washington State University
Understanding Condensed Matter at Extreme Conditions: by Integrating Dynamic and Static Compression Methods
Presentation pdf
Poster & Poster Plus Session
Sub-section on Spatial Resolution, Composite Systems and Textures
Name Abstract
Keith Bristor
Northwestern University
"How to Make Full use of 100 fsec Pulses in a Diffraction/XAFS/Heating Experiment"
Gilbert Collins
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
"Exploring High Energy Density Matter at Pressures Ranging from a Few Kilobar to Several Gigabar"
Russell Hemley
Carnegie Institution of Washington
"Extreme Conditions: Emerging Techniques and the ERL"
Neil Holmes
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
"Resolving the Impulse Response of Shocked Matter in Space"
Abby Kavner
University of California, Los Angeles
"Investigations of Earth Electrochemistry"
Shengnian Luo
Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Applications of ERL in Dynamic Compression of Condensed Matter"
Wendy Panero
Ohio State University
"Al203 Incorporation in MgSi03 Perovskite and Ilmenite"
Oliver Tschauner
University of Nevada at Las Vegas
"Capturing Transitory States of Reconstructive Phase Transitions in Shock-recovery Experiments"
Choong-Shik Yoo
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
"High-pressure Kinetic Studies using Dynamic-DAC and Advanced Synchrotron X-Ray"
Chang-Sheng Zha, William Bassett,
Kenji Mibe, and Oliver Tschauner

Carnegie Institution of Washington, Cornell University, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
"ERL and Internal Resistive Heating for the DAC"