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LEPP Journal Club

Winter - Spring 2013

Date Speaker Institution Title Hosts
Fri Jan 25th Abigail Crites University of Chicago Measuring the Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization with SPTpol poster Michael Niemack
Fri May 17th Final Exams      
Fri Feb 1st open      
Fri Feb 8th open      
Mon Feb 11th Francesco De Bernardis UC Irvine An improved model for the Cosmic Far-Infrared Background anisotropy power spectrum: results and implications for Cosmology poster Michael Niemack
Fri Feb 15th open      
Fri Feb 22nd Nicole Czakon Caltech Observing Galaxy Clusters with Bolocam Michael Niemack
Fri Mar 1st open      
Thu Mar 7th Shawn Henderson MIT Surface Commissioning of the DMTPC 4-Shooter Directional Dark Matter Detector Prototype poster, talk Michael Niemack
Fri Mar 8th Grad student visits      
Fri Mar 15th open      
Fri Mar 22nd Spring Break      
Fri Mar 29th Andre LeClair Cornell Scrutinizing the Cosmological Constant Problem and a possible resolution poster, talk Jim Alexander
Fri Apr 5th Till Rosenband NIST Optical Atomic Clocks poster, talk David Rubin
Fri Apr 12th Bogdan Wojtsekhowski Jefferson Lab Search for a Heavy Photon poster, talk Jim Alexander
Fri Apr 19th Marco Farina Cornell Higgs: Interpretation and Implications poster, talk Anders Ryd
Fri Apr 26th Steve Stroiney Saab Sensis SPECIAL TOPIC: Airport Operations Analysis and Improvement poster, talk Anders Ryd
Mon Apr 29th Richard Schnee Syracuse Searches for Low-Mass WIMPs with CDMS II and SuperCDMS poster, talk Maxim Perelstein
Fri May 3rd David Asner PNNL High Energy Physics Blooms in the Desert poster Jim Alexander
Fri May 10th Manuel Franco Sevilla UCSB Latest B -> D(*) tau nu results from BaBar poster, talk Emmanuele Salvati