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ERL X-ray Science Workshop 2

Scientific Potential of High Repetition-Rate, Ultra-short Pulse ERL X-Ray Source

Wednesday, June 14th - Thursday, June 15th, 2006

Organizers:Joel Brock (Cornell University), Alex Gaeta (Cornell University), & David Reis (University of Michigan)

Name Abstract
Joel Brock
Cornell University
ERL Overview & Charge to Workshop
Don Bilderback
Cornell University
ERL Project Summary and Characteristics
Franz Kärtner
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Femtosecond Timing Distribution and Synchronization for XFEL's
Presentation pdf
Louis DiMauro
Ohio State University
Atomic Physics at ERL
Presentation pdf
Christian Bressler
Laboratoire de Spectroscopie Ultrarapide
Ultrafast X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy at an ERL X-Ray Source
Presentation pdf
Simone Techert
Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry
Femtosecond Time-resolved Electron Density Studies Investigated by High-Resolution Stroboscopic Oscillation Diffractometry
Phil Anfinrud
National Institutes of Health
Time-resolved X-Ray Scattering of Proteins in Solution: the Pros and Cons of an ERL
Christoph Rose-Petruck
Brown University
Ultrafast Laser-plasma Sources for 50-fs Hard X-Ray Pulse Generation and Laser Pump X-Ray Probe Measurements of Solvated Transition Metal Complexes
Presentation pdf
David Reis
University of Michigan
Mapping the Interatomic Potential: Current and Furture
Roberto Merlin
University of Michigan
Mechanisms for Ultrafast Generation of Coherent Phonons, Polaritons and Spin Excitations
Presentation pdf
Mark Sutton
McGill University
Potential for Ultrafast X-Ray Intensity Fluctuation Measurements
Presentation pdf
Joel Brock
Cornell University
Day 1 Summary and Charge to Workshop
Ivan Bazarov
Cornell University
Does the Short Pulse Mode Need Energy Recovery?
Presentation pdf
Mike Downer
University of Texas
Plasma Wakefield Experiments at Cornell's Energy Recovery Linac
Presentation pdf
Antoinette Taylor
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ultrafast Dynamics in Complex Materials
Presentation pdf
Todd Ditmire
University of Texas
Explosions of Clusters Irradiated at Short Wavelength
Linda Young
Argonne National Laboratory
X-Raying Laser-aligned Atoms and Molecules
Presentation pdf