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CLASSE Graduate Theses

Note: This is a partial list - updates in progress


THESIS 17-1 (Cornell Univ 2017)
New Insights into the Limitations on the Efficiency and Achievable Gradients in Nb3Sn SRF Cavities
D. Hall
PDF (34 MB)


THESIS 16-2 (Cornell Univ 2016)
The Fundamental Science of Nitrogen-Doping of Niobium Superconducting Cavities
D. Gonnella
PDF (34 MB)

THESIS 16-1 (Cornell Univ 2016)
Towards Axion Inflation in String Theorys
C. Long


THESIS 15-2 (Cornell Univ 2015)
Universality and String Theory
T. Bachlechner

THESIS 15-1 (Cornell Univ 2015)
Understanding and Overcoming Limitation Mechanisms in NB3SN Superconducting RF Cavities
S. Posen
PDF (34 MB)


THESIS 14-1 (Cornell Univ 2014)
Pushing the Frontiers of Superconducting Radio Frequency Science: From the Temperature Dependence of the Superheated Field of Niobium to Higher-Order Mode Damping in Very High Quality Factor Accelerating Structures
N. Valles
PDF (11.8 MB)


THESIS 13-11 (Cornell Univ 2013)
Supersymmetry: Compactifications, Flavor, and Dualities
B. Heidenreich

THESIS 13-10 (Cornell Univ 2013)
Low-Emittance Tuning at Cesr-TA
J. Shanks
PDF (11.8 MB)

THESIS 13-9 (Cornell Univ 2013)
Studies of Electron Cloud Growth and Mitigation at Cesr-TA
J. Calvey
PDF (25.7 MB)

THESIS 13-8 (Cornell Univ 2013)
Cosmological Models of Modified Gravity
J. Bloomfield
PDF (1.8 MB)

THESIS 13-7 (Cornell Univ 2013)
Search for Supersymmetry in Events with a Single Lepton, Jets, and Missing Transverse Momentum Using a Neural Network
A. Chatterjee
PDF (4.9 MB)

THESIS 13-6 (Cornell Univ 2013)
Normal Mode Analysis of Single Bunch, Charge Density Dependent Behavior in Electron/Positron Beams
M. Ehrlichman
PDF (5.3 MB)

THESIS 13-5 (Cornell Univ 2013)
Search for Bs,d->mu^+mu^+ Decays with 10/FB of p-pbar Collisions
W. Hopkins
PDF (12.2 MB)

THESIS 13-4 (Cornell Univ 2013)
Search for WZ+ZZ Production with Missing Transverse Energy and b Jets at CDF
S. Poprocki
PDF (8.6 MB)

THESIS 13-3 (Cornell Univ 2013)
Search for Supersymmetry with B-Quark Jets and Missing Transverse Energy in PP Collisions at SQRT(S) = 7 TEV
W. Teo
PDF (6.6 MB)

THESIS 13-2 (Cornell Univ 2013)
Development of Superconducting RF Sample Host Cavities and Study of Pit-Induced Cavity Quench
Y. Xie
PDF (8.1 MB)

THESIS 13-1 (Cornell Univ 2013)
On Observational Signatures of String Theory in the Cosmic Microwave Background
G. Xu
PDF (3.7 MB)


THESIS 12-4 (Cornell Univ 2012)
Strings to Reality: Effective Supergravity for Cosmology and Particle Phenomenology
C.M. David Marsh

THESIS 12-3 (Cornell Univ 2012)
Non-Redundant Aperture Masking Interferometry with Adaptive Optics: Developing Higher Contrast Imaging to Test Brown Dwarf and Exoplanet Evolution Models
D. Bernat
PDF (3.6 MB)

THESIS 12-2 (Cornell Univ 2012)
Perturbing Warped Throats: Explicit Predictions from a Corner of the Landscape
S. Gandhi
PDF (1.4 MB)

THESIS 12-1 (Cornell Univ 2012)
Search for a Heavy Gauge Boson W’ in the Final State with an Electron and Large Missing Transverse Energy in pp Collisions at sqrt(s)= 7TeV
D. Puigh
PDF (5.3 MB)


THESIS 11-5 (Cornell Univ 2011)
Model Building and Collider Physics Above the Weak Scale
D. Curtin
PDF (3 MB)

THESIS 11-4 (Cornell Univ 2011)
Observation of the Dalitz Decay of the First Excited State of the Charmed-Strange Meson
S. Das
PDF (3.8 MB)

THESIS 11-3 (Cornell Univ 2011)
The S-matrix Formulation of Quantum Statistical Mechanics, with Applications to Cold Quantum Gas
P. How
PDF (616 KB)

THESIS 11-2 (Cornell Univ 2011)
Thesis Title: Measurement of Absolute Hadronic Branching Fractions of D Mesons
X. Shi
PDF (2 MB)

THESIS 11-1 (Cornell Univ 2011)
Aspects of Effective Supersymmetric Theories
P. Tziveloglou
PDF (1.6 MB)


THESIS 10-2 (Cornell Univ 2010)
Topics in Model Building and Phenomenology Beyond the Standard Model
J. Heinonen
PDF (1.6 MB)

THESIS 10-1 (Cornell Univ 2010)
Higher-order Multipole Amplitudes in Radiative Transitions of Charmonia
J. Ledoux
PDF (2.7 MB)


THESIS 09-5 (Cornell Univ 2009)
A Study of D Semileptonic Decays to Pseudoscalar Mesons
L. Fields
PDF (2 MB)

THESIS 09-4 (Cornell Univ 2009)
Semileptonic decays D+ → η' l +ν with Generic reconstruction of Fullyhadronic D+ and D0
R. Gray
PDF (3.5 MB)

THESIS 09-3 (Cornell Univ 2009)
Measuring the Muonic Decay of the D+ Meson Using Neutrino Reconstruction
D. Hertz
PDF (1.8 MB)

THESIS 09-2 (Cornell Univ 2009)
Energy Recovery Linear Accelerator Lattice Design & Coherent Synchrotron Radiation
C. Mayes
PDF (33.7 MB)

THESIS 09-1 (Cornell Univ 2009)
Numerical Modeling of Gravitational Waves
A. Mroue
PDF (3.8 MB)


THESIS 08-7 (Cornell Univ 2008)
Spin Evolution of Neutron Stars: Nonlinear Development of the R-mode Instability
R. Bondarescu
PDF (1.7 MB)

THESIS 08-6 (Cornell Univ 2008)
Tracing Abundances in Galaxies with the Spitzer Space Telescope Infrared Spectrograph
S. Gutenkunst
PDF (2.1 MB)

THESIS 08-5 (Cornell Univ 2008)
Gravitational Waves from Binary Neutron Stars and Test Particle Inspirals into Black Holes
T. Hinderer
PDF (1.8 MB)

THESIS 08-4 (Cornell Univ 2008)
Topics in Theoretical Gravity
A. Lundgren
PDF (705 KB)

THESIS 08-3 (Cornell Univ 2008)
Particle Physics in the Randall-Sundrum Frameworks
M. Reece
PDF (648 KB)

THESIS 08-2 (Cornell Univ 2008)
Absolute Measurement of Hadronic Branching Fractions of Charmed-Strange Mesons
P.U.E. Onyisi
PDF (11.4 MB)

THESIS 08-1 (Cornell Univ 2008)
Studies for CESR-TA: A Low-Emittance Test Accelerator at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring
R. Helms
PDF (752KB)


THESIS 07-3 (Cornell Univ 2007)
Systematic Effects of Local Large Scale Structure on the Measured Expansion History of the Universe
R. Vanderveld
PDF (2.4 MB)

THESIS 07-2 (Cornell Univ 2007)
Topics in Theoretical Astrophysics: Precession of Warped Disks, Oscillations of Presupernova Stars, and Thermal Evolution and Nucleosynthesis of Young Neutron Stars
A. Shirakawa
PDF (851 KB)

THESIS 07-1 (Cornell Univ 2007)
A Study of Exclusive Semileptonic D Decays to Pseudoscalar Pion and Kaon Final States with the Cleo-C Detector
N. Adam
PDF (2.5 MB)


THESIS 06-4 (Cornell Univ 2006)
Cosmic Superstrings: Observable Remnants of Brane Inflation
M. Wyman
PDF (975 KB)

THESIS 06-3 (Cornell Univ 2006)
Cosmic Strings in the Brane World
B. Shlaer
PDF (3.7 MB)

THESIS 06-2 (Cornell Univ 2006)
A High-Precision Measurement of the Di-electron Widths of the Upsilon(1S), Upsilon(2S), and Upsilon(3S) Mesons at CLEO-III
J. Pivarski
PDF (3.0 MB)

THESIS 06-1 (Cornell Univ 2006)
An Optimized Superferric Wiggler Design for the International Linear Collider Damping Rings
J. Urban
Postscript (27.2 MB) PDF (9.1 MB)


THESIS 05-1 (Cornell Univ 2005)
Limits on Weak Annihilation in Inclusive Charmless Semileptonic B Decays
T. O. Meyer
Postscript (15.4 MB) PDF (10.0 MB)

THESIS 05-2 (Cornell Univ 2005)
The Differential Rates of Exclusive Charmless Semileptonic B Meson Decay
M. Shepherd
PDF (1.5 MB)


THESIS 04-2 (Cornell Univ. May 2004)
A Study of the Form Factors in Semileptonic Neutral D-Meson Decays to Pion and Kaon Modes using the CLEO-III Detector
L. Hsu
Postscript (39.8 MB)

THESIS 04-1 (Cornell Univ 2004)
Search for the Rare Decay of a B Meson to a K Meson and Two Neutrinos
G. Thayer
PDF (34.0 MB)


THESIS 03-2 (Cornell Univ. 2003)
Measurement of Two Body B Meson Decays to Pions and Kaons with the CLEO III Detector
A. Magerkurth
Postscript (15.1 MB)


THESIS 02-2 (Cornell University, May 2002)
A Study of Exclusive Charmless Semileptonic B Decays with the CLEO Detector
V. Boisvert
Postscript (6.7 MB)


THESIS 01-1 (Cornell University, Jan 2001)
A Measurement of the Semileptonic Branching Fraction B(B0 -> D*+ l- nu) at CLEO
Bruce Berger
Postscript (6.2 MB)

THESIS 01-2 (Cornell University, Aug. 2001)
A Measurement of A Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa Matrix Element from Semileptonic Decays of B Mesons to Charm Mesons
Bonnie Valant-Spaight
Postscript (6.6 MB)


THESIS 00-5 (Cornell University January 2000)
Flavor Mixing and Mixing-Induced CP Violation in the Neutral B System
A. Foland
Postscript (6.6 MB)


THESIS 98-4 (Cornell University January 1998)
Collisions of Round Beams at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring in Preparation for Mobius Operation
E. Young
Postscript (5.4 MB)


THESIS 97-6 (Cornell University August 1997)
Exclusive Rare B Decays to Two Light Pseudoscalar Mesons
P. Gaidarev
Postscript (6.2 MB)

Dissertations from the SRF Group