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LEPP Journal Club

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Institution Title Hosts
Fri Jan 24 No JC   (Q exam)  
Fri Sept 5 Cora Dvorkin Harvard Poster Michael Niemack
Fri Jan 31 Renee Hlozek Princeton Small-Scale CMB Cosmology: ACT, Planck and Beyond Poster, Slides Michael Niemack
Fri Feb 7 David Hertzog U Washington Measurement of the Positive Muon
Lifetime and Determination of the Fermi Constant to Part-per-Million Precision Poster, Slides
Lawrence Gibbons
Fri Feb 14 open      
Fri Feb 21 Mitch Soderberg Syracuse Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers for Neutrinos Physics Poster, Slides Peter Wittich
Fri Feb 28 open      
Fri March 7 Mark Palmer FNAL Lepton Colliders for the Next Generation of High Energy Physics Experiments , Poster, Slides Jim Alexander
Thu March 13 Kent Wootton U Melbourne Electron and muon g-2 experiments: present and future, Poster, Slides Lawrence Gibbons
Fri March 14 Kevin McFarland U Rochester Neutrino Oscillation Results from T2K Poster, Slides Lawrence Gibbons
Fri March 21 No JC     (Grad admit visits)
Thu March 27 Androula Alekou CERN Accelerator Physics Studies for Future Neutrino Projects Poster, Slides Lawrence Gibbons
Fri March 28 Bruce Berger Colorado State KamLAND-Zen: Results, Status, and Prospects Poster, Slides Ritchie Patterson
Fri March 28 Doug Cowen Penn State Particle Physics in the South Pole Ice Cap Poster Ritchie Patterson
Fri April 4 No JC   (spring break)  
Fri April 11 Cora Dvorkin IAS CANCELED Poster Michael Niemack
Fri April 18 Philip Rodrigues U Rochester Recent Results from the MINERvA Experiment Poster, Slides Lawrence Gibbons
Fri April 25 Richard Milner MIT Searching for New Physics at Low Energies Poster, Sildes Georg Hoffstaetter
Fri April 25 Abigail Vieregg U Chicago Detection of B-mode Polarization with the BICEP2 Polarimeter at the South Pole Poster, Slides Jordan Tucker
Fri May 2 Jon Urheim Indiana University Status and Outlook for LBNE Poster Ritchie Patterson
Fri May 9 Roger Carlini Jefferson Lab First Results from the Qweak Experiment Poster Julia Thom