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This page contains various notes and course material for courses which I have taught.

Cornell Teaching

"You were underratedly the funniest T.A. I've had while at Cornell." (actual student feedback)

Analytical Mechanics P3318, Spring 2013 (TA)

Instructor: Veit Elser.
Section: Friday 2:30-3:20pm, Rockefeller 102.
Office Hours: Mon 5:15-6:15pm, PSB 425G or by appointment.

All course material is now on this page.

Advanced Electricity and Magnetism P3327, Fall 2012 (TA)

Instructor: Maxim Perelstein.
Section: Friday 2:30-3:20pm, Rockefeller 231.
Office Hours: Monday 5:15-7:15pm, PSB 470, or by appointment.

Particle Physics for Undergrads, Summer 2012 (guest lecturer)

Three lectures on the Standard Model and Feynman diagrams for sophomore summer research students.

Quantum Field Theory, P7651, Fall 2011 (grader)

Instructor: Csaba Csáki. All course material is available on the Cornell Blackboard course page for this course. Below I'm only providing my section notes, which are meant to be complementary to Csaba's lectures.

Substitute Teaching

Guest Lecturing

Berkeley Teaching

Having deferred a PhD position at the Physics department at UC Berkeley, I spent the summer of 2006 grading a physics course as a way to familiarize myself with the group before spending two years in the UK as a Marshall scholar.

Physics 137A: Quantum Mechanics

Grader: Summer Semester, 2006. Instructor: Prof. C. Wohl.

Stanford Teaching

Some material from grading/teaching during my senior year at Stanford.

Physics 121: Intermediate Electrodynamics II

TA: Winter Quarter, 2006. Instructor: Prof. Z.X. Shen.

Physics 152/252: Introduction to High Energy Physics

Grader: Winter Quarter, 2006. Instructor: Prof. A. Roodman.

Physics 161: Introduction to Cosmology

Grader: Spring Quarter, 2006. Instructor: Prof. P. Michelson

SoCo 2004: The Elementary Particles and Their Fundamental Interactions

Sophomore College Assistant (TA/RA): Sophomore College, 2004. Instructor: Prof. P. Burchat. This was a three week immersion course in particle physics for rising sophomores.


2004/2006. High school enrichment course and one-day seminar called "The Allure of Particle Physics: Neutrinos, Quarks, and the Higgs Boson." Course designed and delivered by PT. Incomplete notes.